Professional Summary

After 6 years in marketing managing an international program for a billion dollar startup, this waitress turned boss turned writer is rolling up her sleeves behind her keyboard, poised and typing, telling stories that not only entertain, but motivate. 


Content Strategy  Writing  Journalism    Branding 
Social Media    Human Interest    Editorial    Creative Initiatives

Work Experience

North American Program Manager - Directin'

Six years marketing at retail for a multi-billion dollar Sillicon Valley startup. 

2018 - Always

Freelance Writer + Content Specialist - Writin'

Writing, Editing, Researching. 

Human Interest, Blog, Social, SEO, Psychology of Content Writing, Memoir, Children's Lit

2003 - 2014

Waitress - Hustlin'

2014 -2020

Yes Ma'am and extra ranch. Throw in a few (a lot of) cocktails and a late night or ten.  


2019- 2022

Bay Path University - MFA

Ireland Field Seminar 2019 - Memoir, Storytelling, the craft of writing, oh and the best ice cream cone of my life. Throw in an island, a few pubs, green grass, a few sheep, and a lot of rain. 


Vanguard University

Psychology - Organizational + Personal. Let's face it, I wanted to figure some shit out. I did, and I got a great job too. 


My family. Hiking in my backyard (I live at the base of a mountain). Mountain Biking, Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Walking anywhere (usually to breakfast). Sharing too many thoughts, speaking out of turn, any bridge anywhere, traveling and attempting to pack light, the stars in a clear sky and the sound of ocean waves (I mean, I am from California).